Microsoft Outlook 2013 Online Course

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Online Course in Uganda


This 2KO Outlook 2013 course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are needed to use the Microsoft Outlook 2013. 2KO International delivers consulting services, in the IT and Business space, as well as being a training provider for IT certification and user level courses. Training can be any blend of bespoke, classroom and online learning. Our MOS Outlook 2013 training course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are needed to use the advanced software features, and integrate the Office programs with other software. When you pass the Outlook 2013 Exam 77-423, you achieve Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MOS) status in Outlook 2013.

Price in Ugandan Shilling - as at 21 August USh 87,120


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The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Certification, (MOS) recognizes business professionals who have demonstrated expertise in Microsoft Office 2013.


Section 1-1 - Customize Outlook Settings

Include Original Messages With All Reply Messages

Change Text Formats For All Outgoing Messages

Customize The Navigation Pane

Block Specific Addresses

Configure Views

Manage Multiple Accounts

Set Outlook Options


Section 1-2 - Automate Outlook

Create And Assign Signatures

Use Quick Steps

Create And Manage Rules


Section 1-3 - Print And Save Information In Outlook

Print Messages

Print Calendars

Save Message Attachments And Preview Attachments

Print Contacts

Print Tasks

Save Messages In Alternate Formats

Create Data Files


Section 1-4 - Search in Outlook

Create New Search Folders

Search For Messages

Search For Tasks

Search For Contacts

Search Calendars

Use Advanced Find

Use Search By Location


Section 2-1 - Create A Message

Create/Forward And Delete Messages

Add/Remove Message Attachments

Add CC And BCC To Messages

Add Voting Options To Messages

Reply To All And Reply To Sender

Prioritize Messages

Mark As Private

Request Delivery/Read Receipt

Redirect Replies

Delegate Access


Section 2-2 - Format A Message

Format Text

Insert Hyperlinks

Apply Themes And Styles

Insert Images

Add A Signature To Specific Messages

Format Signatures

Create And Use Quick Parts


Section 2-3 - Organize And Manage Messages

Sort Messages

Move Messages Between Folders

Add New Local Folders

Apply Categories

Configure Junk Email Settings

Clean Up Messages

Mark As Read/Unread

Flag Messages

Ignore Messages

Sort By Conversation

Set Attachment Reminder Options


Section 3-1 - Create And Manage Calendars

Adjust Viewing Details For Calendars

Modify Calendar Time Zones

Delete Calendars

Set Calendar Work Times

Use Multiple Calendars

Manage Calendar Groups

Overlay Calendars


Section 3-2 - Create Appointments / Meetings and Events

Create Calendar Items And Create Recurring Calendar Items

Cancel Calendar Items

Create Calendar Items From Messages

Categorize Calendar Items

Change Availability Status


Section 3-3 - Organize And Manage Appointments - Meetings And Events

Set Calendar Item Importance

Forward Calendar Items

Configure Reminders And Add Participants

Respond To Invitations

Update Calendar Items

Share Meeting Notes


Section 3-4 - Create And Manage Notes - Tasks And Journals

Create And Manage Tasks And Update Task Status

Create And Manage Notes


Section 4-1 - Create And Manage Contacts

Create New Contacts

Delete Contacts

Edit Contact Information

Attach An Image To Contacts


Section 4-2 - Create And Manage Groups

Create New Contact Groups

Add Contacts To Existing Groups And Add Notes To A Group

Update Contacts Within Groups

Delete Group Members

Delete Groups

Course Ending